dirt palace

The Dirt Palace feminist art space was founded in 2000 in an abandoned library building in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence. The Dirt Palace is a self organized collective that supports women artists by providing affordable studio space, facilities, shared resources, opportunities, a culture of cooperation, and maintains visibility in the community through a committed public arts presence and long term relationships. Over the past 17 years the Dirt Palace has served as an incubator for over 40 women artists, and has become an underground institution. Members work together to create an environment conducive to challenging thoughts and radical actions in order to cultivate our personal growth as individuals, and to foster the development of strong, thoughtful, independent women who use their creative awareness of the world to change it. The Dirt Palace is trans-inclusive, strives to be accountable and to work intersectionally.

At any given time there are seven artists in residence or "members" of the Dirt Palace. Together we have built and maintained studios and shared facilities that include: seven live/work artist in residence spaces, a library, a large shared kitchen, a print shop (specializing in screen print and letterpress), a music rehearsal space, a wood shop, an animation/film editing suite, and a workspace for large projects. Members co-curate the Dirt Palace Storefront Window Gallery - a monthly rotating public art exhibition space. The gallery has showcased work by hundreds of international, national and local artists as well as neighborhood groups and community organizations.

The Dirt Palace receives generous support from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation through their Seed Grant Program